Joachim Pouderoux
PhD and Research Engineer in Computer Science

Actual Position

On August 2020 I moved to New Caledonia island, in the Pacific Ocean.


I am Principal Engineer/Technical Expert in Scientific Visualization at Kitware SAS and I am part of the development team of and
I also develop a Voronoi 2D & 3D mesh toolkit for Los Alamos National Laboratory called ShaPo.


On August 2016 I moved to Guadeloupe island, in the French Caribbean, and work from home.


On August 2012 I quit BRGM to join Kitware SAS in beautiful Lyon as an R&D engineer!

Previous Position

From August 2009 to August 2012, I worked as as a full time computer science research engineer in 3D and Virtual Reality at the BRGM institute in the city of Orleans.

I defended my PhD Thesis in Computer Science on June 29th, 2007.
From September 2007 to August 2009, I worked as a Research Engineer with the iparla team (INRIA - University of Bordeaux) on the augmented reality related ANR RaxEnv project.

I am also the main developer of two developement projects (see here): AutoDEM, and the Elkano 3D framework.


Topics & Interests


Voronoi meshing Scientific 3D visualization In-situ visualization Virtual & Augmented reality
Real-time rendering Digital terrains rendering


Art of C++ code Debugging & reverse engineering techniques
User interfaces Visualization 3D engines
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