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Latest version: AutoDEM 1.6.2beta

What is AutoDEM

AutoDEM (aka as AutoMNT) is a freeware GIS software to create Digital Elevation Models (DEM) from scanned topographic maps for Windows.
Through different data layers (map, contours, DEM, etc.), AutoDEM provides many tools for : Most of the worldwide file formats used in the GIS community are supported. AutoDEM can also directly import data from web servers (TerraServer, WebMapService, WFS, …)

What's news

27/Feb/07After a year of development a new release of AutoDEM is available. The new version number is 1.6.2beta. This version introduces a lot of new features and bug fixes since the previous 1.0.2 version. Actually, most of the core code has been rewritten to improve software flexibility. New layers (toponyms, mesh), new related tools, and new filters were introduced. Most features associated to a layer are described in the context menu (right-click) on the layer name. AutoDEM has now a multi-language interface (for the moment, English and Français... Italian will come in the next release, translators are welcome). A cool feature let you import a georeferenced map or DEM layer from a WebMapService server. More details on all these new features will come soon in the Help section! Do not hesitate to visit the Support page to help us maintain AutoDEM and its server.
10/Feb/07Here is the new version of the AutoDEM's web site! This brand new page has been designed to announce the next release of AutoDEM which should be available in the next week! Stay tuned :)
23/Sep/06The next version of AutoDEM is still under development. A lot of new features will be available soon. We are also looking for people or companies which could be interested by AutoDEM services and/or technologies. Please contact if interested.
12/May/06Download form fixed. Apologies about that, since a while, download form failed with some browsers.
10/Apr/06Welcome on AutoDEM finally has its own domain name !
The next released of AutoDEM will be released soon, check the forum for more information.
27/Feb/06AutoDEM v1.0.2beta is now available for download. New features (viewshed simulation, DEM histogram, etc.), new file formats (Maps : ECW, JPEG2000, DEM : HDF4, HDF5, Contours : SQLite, GML, Tiger etc.), new plugin manager for further enhancements, new toolbars, many bug fixes… See the forum for any comment or report.

What AutoDEM can do

Here are most relevant features of the software : As AutoDEM is still a research tool, it's updated very soon and will be developped for many years, and you are encouraged to ask us the improvements you would like to see and help us to make AutoDEM an easy-to-use and powerful tool.